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So. I like to pretend I can write sometimes, even if it's terribly inane or pointless, often times it makes me less twitchy for new fic and lets me bother friends less. Really, they already have me drag enough fic out of them, I need to find other outlets for creativity.

Originally, fic was locked, then I realized that that was kind of pointless and I didn't hate the writing as much as I thought I would. Now, I'll only lock the pr0n (and put it on a special filter because, oh, god, do I ever write bad pr0n), the rest of it should be public. I don't post/write all that often, because I tend to get sucked into other things (watching anime/reading manga, reading fic/writing recs, etc.), but I figured that I had enough to be worth posting here. Hence, ficjournal.

Right now, it's mostly Akiha/Umeda stuff because I can't stop thinking about those two, but occasional snippets of TezuAto or TezuFuji might sneak through and I would honestly love to write more for Seiji and Touma if I just had ideas with them. Oh, and LOVELESS. As soon as I get an idea that's not dirty, dirty pr0n, I'll try it?

But mostly, this journal will likely focus on smaller, less-known manga series. For some reason, those seem to be the ones that inspired me most. I don't know why. Also, most stuff will be extremely short, because that's about all I can usually get out before I want to start tearing my hair out.

Porn filter request is here.